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First Name Last Name Email Address Primary Building
Ashley Adams aadams3@northallegheny.org Hosack Elementary School
Terri Agie tagie@northallegheny.org Ingomar Elementary School
Nicole Alderdice nalderdice@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Amy Alexander aalexander@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Laurel Alexander lalexander@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Bruce Allen ballen@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Lisa Allen lallen@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Robyn Allen rallen@northallegheny.org NA Senior High
Darla Allerton dallerton@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Andrews Amoh aamoh@northallegheny.org Marshall Middle School
Karen Amoscato kamoscato@northallegheny.org Franklin Elementary School
Beth Anderson banderson@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Kristin Andreas kandreas@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Mark Anticole manticole@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Alicia Anton awiesemann@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Lynn Antoon lantoon@northallegheny.org Peebles Elementary School
Heather Appleton hlogan@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High
Katherine Arbogast karbogast@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Lauren Armitage-Bosetti larmitage-bosetti@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Elizabeth Arvay earvay@northallegheny.org Carson Middle School
Michelle Atkinson matkinson@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Chelsea Attwood cattwood@northallegheny.org McKnight Elementary School
Matthew Babusci mbabusci@northallegheny.org Marshall Elementary School
Lila Backauskas mbackauskas@northallegheny.org Ingomar Middle School
Megan Bailey mbailey@northallegheny.org NA Intermediate High