• Online Resources
    Below are a variety of useful technology tools.  These tools may be administrative tools or they may be instructional tools.  Use the descriptions as a guide for deciding which tool(s) meets your needs.



    Registration Required

    Free or Cost


    This tool enables teachers to create, customize, and share curricula online. You can create your own interactive, online experiences for your students. Create your own activities, quizzes, calendars, and surveys. There are also may free activities already created and ready for use. To find them, search through the shared activities.

    Yes - if you want to create and save your own items.

    Free 30-day trial Then $49/yr.


    DE offers a variety of online resources to all teachers of all subjects and levels. Resources include online videos, lesson plans, puzzlemaker, clip art, and assignment builder. Full videos or video segments can be downloaded or saved and shared as an assignment with your students. Many videos come with Blackline Masters and a Teacher's Guide.

    Yes – done through the AIU. You should already have an account.

    Free to NASD


    Safari Montage contains a huge video streaming library accessible by teachers. Select from a variety of educational publishers such as PBS, Disney, Magic School Bus, Scholastic, School House Rock, and National Geographic. Search for a video by subject or grade level and begin streaming. These videos are not available or download. You will be accessing Safari Montage via the SNAP website hosted by the AIU.

    Yes – done through the AIU. You should already have an account.

    Free to NASD


    Used for generating word clouds from text you provide. Type in your own text or copy and paste in text. Words that appear more often are given more prominence. You can adjust the font, layout, and color scheme of your word cloud. When finished, you can print them out or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with friends.




    This wiki contains MANY useful WebQuests for teacher and student use. Search for a WebQuest by subject, topic and/or level. Read a brief description, and then click on the hyperlink to see and utilize the full WebQuest. This site was created by Instructional Technology students at Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University.




    Owned and operated by Walt Disney Company. Use Kerpoof to make artwork, make an animated movie, make a printed card, t-shirt, or mug, tell a story, or vote on items other people have made.




    Create a glog or online multimedia poster, with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, and more. Use drag and drop interface is easy to use for students and teachers.

    Yes – Need to register for free or paid version

    Free trial or pay $25/yr. for more options


    Explore the world with a virtual field trip. This is a blog featuring a list of 5 great ones. Use simulations, videos, pictures, and text to learn about a variety of topics.




    Scholastic has a variety of online activities including ebooks, webquests, and interactive activities. Click on View All Student Activities to see all online activities and to search by grade level. Check out the interactive whiteboard activities too!

    No – not required to access activities



    This is a web-based application that allows you to place collections of media like images, videos, documents, and presentations online. All your media goes into Voicethread and then it works like a slide show. You can share the Voicethread with others by sending them the link or embedding it in a webpage. Those you share it with can then make comments on your Voicethread. Click to see a short demo video created by PSU.


    Cost –Single user $79/yr Can use with 50 students.


    Use Animototo create videos and presentations in your classroom. Animoto enables you to create presentations using images and photos, music, video clips, and text. Just upload your media and start creating. Videos can be shared via email, on a website, exported to YouTube or downloaded to a computer.


    Free but can only make 30 sec video. Cost – depends on package your choose


    Create word clouds using Tagxedo. Type in desired text and customize font, theme, color, orientation, and shape. Images can be saved for printing and sharing. This is very similar to Wordle.


    Free for now Even once requiring subscription, there will be a free version


    Use this website to practice spelling, vocabulary, and grammar building skills. Use the word lists in the program or students can type in their own list of words. Once words are added, students can play a variety of games or take a test based on their words. If you register, you can create and save word lists and track your progress.

    No, but if you want to save lists you will need to register

    Free - If get membership, have access to more features ~$49.99/yr. for class of 25 students